Mentor Application

We are looking for knowledgable, caring, dedicated, and creative mentors to work with current and enrolling community college students to help them reach their dreams. Mentors will talk weekly with mentees via pone or video-call and write bi-weekly short articles for publication on The Olympus Project website. Going to class is only a small part of being a successful student, which is why mentors will provide both academic and nonaccademic advice to their mentees. We don’t expect mentors to have all the answers, but we do expect mentors to be willing to research issues pertaining to their mentees (such as degree requirements and pathways to transfer) outside of designated mentorship time.

Time Commitment: 3-4 hours per week (flexible hours)

  • weekly conversations
  • article writing
  • research

Matching: Ideally, mentees will be matched to mentors who are at the place the mentee wants to be. For example, if a mentee is hoping to transfer to UCLA as an English major, we want to match them with a mentor who is currently an English major at UCLA. We also consider common interests and other information.

Further Opportunities: In the future we will be expanding this program and developing others, and we need people to help us build them. It is a very exciting time at The Olympus Project, full of change and possibility (and we hope it will always be like that!). We need creative thinkers and passionate learners on our team.

No one succeeds alone, and when you have learned something you have responsibility to teach it!


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