Your Most Valuable College Experiences

 After your classes, take the time to get involved in an extra curricular activity. Enrolling at a college makes you part of a unique community where opportunity abounds. Classes should be your #1 priority, but the majority of my most valuable experiences as a community college student didn’t happen in the classroom, and yours won’t either.

You can explore the clubs and student groups that exist at your college by going to club fairs that normally take place during the first weeks of the school term, or by obtaining a list of active organizations from your student services office.

Extra curricular activities like clubs, sports, and other organizations will connect you to other people, new experiences, and give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge. You will also learn skills that are not taught in most classrooms like social skills and leadership. By getting involved in student government I learned about leadership, teamwork, and advocacy. I flew to conferences in Sacramento and Los Angeles and made friends and connections that I still keep in touch with. Looking back now, those are the experiences that most contributed to who I am today.

Also, take time to get to know people. It is increasingly difficult in this digital age, but make an effort. It can be something as simple as saying “hello” to the people around you, or forming study groups with your classmates. These are the connections that will help you reach your goals and find your career path.




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