Choosing a University

Transferring to a four-year university can be one of the most stressful and challenging times in your college career. Next to deciding on your major, choosing which campus to attend is the biggest decision you will make as a student. Here are a set of questions to ask yourself that will help you pick the best university for you.

Academics: Does the university offer the major I am interested in and how good of a department is it?

  • First, make sure to choose a university that offers the major you are pursuing. Second, check that the school has a good department for your field of study.

Financial wise: How much will it cost?

  • Private institutions are normally more expensive than public schools. However, they tend to offer better financial assistance to students, do to the smaller number of students at the private college.
  • Public institutions are in part supported by state funds, like tax payers money. The advantage is that its tuition is lower (for in- state residents).
  • Make sure that the campus offers you sufficient financial assistance such as university/state grants, loans, scholarships, work-study, and GI Bills (if applicable).
  • Not all institutions offer financial assistance during summer. Those that do offer, require the student to file a summer application form for financial purposes and to keep track of how many students plan to attend. Be sure to check the deadlines and always submit applications on time this will help you receive all the necessary financial aid available.

Cost of Living: What is the student housing like?

  • Some universities offer family housing which is reserved for students who are single-parents, married students and/or domestic partners. Spouse, partners and children are the only individuals allowed to live at the University apartments.
  • If you plan to live outside of campus and commute, check to see how much will it cost you to live close to or far from school. If you plan to drive to campus, find out how much money will go towards gas and parking. Or if you plan on using public transportation, find out what buses, trains, or subways take you to school.

Campus: What do I think about the campus?

  • If possible, visit the campus before you commit to it. Visiting will help you see what aspects of the university you like or dislike. See what the faculty and staff are like and what support services are offered to undergrad students.
  • Look at the geography: is it close to or far from home?
  • Do you like the weather?
  • Is it an area you would be happy in for two plus years?
  • If interested in joining a student organization, check to see what clubs are offered that you might be interested in. And if you are a parent, find out if the university offers child services such as child care, which can sometimes be free or at a low cost. Best of all, visit and take a free campus tour, this will allow you to see and get a feel for what the university offers.

Choosing a campus to transfer too can be difficult, but these questions can help you decide what university is best for you. Look at how the department is ranked. Think about how much it will cost, living on or off campus and/or close to or far from home. And most important, visit the campus and school departmental websites.

This article was created for you by Perla.

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