IGETC, another acronym! This one stands for Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum. In other words, the IGETC is an agreement between UC’s and CSU’s, and California Community Colleges (CC’s) that transfer students who have completed IGETC will have met general education requirements for UC’s and CSU’s and can go straight into coursework for their major. Completion of IGETC isn’t a requirement for transferring, but it is the most common way to meet GE requirements for students transferring from CC’s.

To earn IGETC certification you need to complete 37 semester units (or 49 quarter units) with a grade of C or better in all your classes. The IGETC breaks down into six categories: English, math, arts and humanities, sociological and behavioral sciences, physical and biological sciences, and foreign language. You need to take a number of classes in each of these areas (see below for complete list). Depending on your CC, different classes will be available to meet these requirements. Here is a sample guide to what classes you need for each area, taken from Los Angeles City College’s web page: LA City College IGETC . Your college probably has something similar.

Depending on your major, you will need to complete additional preparatory classes in order to begin taking upper division classes when you transfer. These classes can be difficult to get, as not all CC’s offer the classes required for all majors. You can use ASSIST [link to assist!] to find out what coursework is required for your major and what CC’s offer equivalent classes. I’m sorry ASSIST is so difficult to use. We’re working on building a better app (If you have app building skills and would like to help, contact us!).

IGETC may not be the best choice for majors with allot of lower division requirements (like engineering or biological, physical, or natural sciences). If you have questions, I recommend contacting the admissions office of the college you want to transfer to.

Do you have more questions? Comment on this post or contact us!

IGETC Requirements

Area 1 – English Communication

Three courses required, one in English composition, one in critical thinking-English composition, and one in oral communication (at least 9 semester units)

  • 1A – English Composition
  • 1B – Critical Thinking – English Composition
  • 1C – Oral Communication (required by CSU only)

The requirements 8A and 8B identify courses which, when taken in sequence, satisfy the 1B requirement.

  • 8A – Critical Thinking
  • 8B – English Composition

Area 2 – Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning

One course (at least 3 semester units)

  • 2A – Math

Area 3 – Arts and Humanities

At least three courses, with at lest one from the arts and one from the humanities (at least 9 semester units)

  • 3A – Arts
  • 3B – Humanities

Area 4 – Social and Behavior Sciences

At least three courses from at least two disciplines (at least 9 semester units)

  • 4A – Anthropology and Archaeology
  • 4B – Economics
  • 4C – Ethnic Studies
  • 4D – Gender Studies
  • 4E – Geography
  • 4F – History
  • 4G – Interdisciplinary, Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • 4H – Political Science, Government & Legal Institutions
  • 4I – Psychology
  • 4J – Sociology & Criminology

Area 5 – Physical and Biological Sciences

Two courses, one physical science and one biological science; at least one must include a laboratory (at least 7 semester units) Courses that include a lab component are underlined on ASSIST IGETC reports.

  • 5A – Physical Science

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