Your Education Plan – A Roadmap to Graduation

Your education plan is like a roadmap to graduation. When you meet with your counselor for the first time they will sit down with you and create your education plan outlining what classes you will take when. Going into this meeting, you should have an idea of what your educational goal is and when you want to graduate by.

Your education plan will be structured around your goal and when you want to reach it by. Here is a sample: Sample Education Plan filled out. As you can see, your education plan doesn’t lay out the exact classes you will take each semester, rather it lays out  what requirements you will meet when. In the sample, his first semester Mace is going to need to take a class to meet his English composition requirement, a class in the arts or humanities, a foreign language, and it looks like he wasn’t quite ready for college-level math so he needs a basic math class, probably Algebra.

When choosing your classes, check in with your education plan (which your counselor will give you a copy of) and use it as a guide in picking classes. Referring back to the sample, Mace’s math and English classes will be dictated by his assessment test scores, but he will be able to choose from a variety of classes to meet his arts and humanities requirement.

Your education plan is meant to be flexible. Things change. Putting something down in your plan doesn’t make it set in stone. It’s a guide, to keep you on track. It makes sure that you and the college staff know where you are, where you want to be, and how long it’s going to take to get there. If you need to change your plan (make that when you need to change your plan), just make an appointment with your counselor. Try to see them during the semester, when they won’t be as busy.

Here is a blank education plan, if you would like to try filling it out yourself!

Sample Education Plan blank

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